Engagement Shoot – Kim & Rory

A few weeks ago we met up with Kim & Rory for their Engagement Shoot on The South Bank in London.

The weather forecast was distinctly shaky, but as Kim and Rory are currently super-busy, not only with respect to the Wedding preparations but also a fairly significant relocation, we decided to take the opportunity and trust to luck, and as luck would have it, it all went amazing well.

Sure, there was the small matter of the deluge not even an hour into the shoot but we took refuge in Zen Coffee and waited it out until the rain subsided and thereafter is was non-stop all the way to Vauxhall.

We have so much love and respect for these guys because we really put them through the mill, but we certainly hope the end result was well worth the blisters and exhaustion.

Kim and Rory will be getting married at The London Wetland Centre in Barnes very soon and of course we’ll be making a feature here of their day as soon as we can. It’s going to be a lot of fun and as we’re familiar with their venue, we’ll have lots of cool ideas.

Keep watching.

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