Aidan first met Sofia when he was invited to a barbecue party where Sofia lived. Being from Colombia, she was in London to study English.

Sofia opened the door to him and this is how their Love Story began.

He hadn’t spoken to her before but recognized her from the English school where he taught Languages. It wasn’t long before Aidan and Sofia were going on their first date together which happened to be an Art Exhibition followed by drinks at The Blues Kitchen in Camden.

When we arrived to photograph Aidan and Sofia getting ready at The Novotel in Hammersmith, we were pleased that they had adjoining rooms for their preparation; this would mean we could slip from one to the other to get all the shots we needed.

We had lots of fun whilst photographing all the details such as Sofia’s wonderful Wedding dress, which was from Tiffany’s in Southampton and her Blue Shoes, which were from Untold at House of Fraser.

It was an exciting, chaotic atmosphere with lots of laughter as hair and make-up Artist Kiko performed his magic with rollers and brushes of all types and sizes not to mention his many creams, lotions and potions.

We were sure to get as many photographs as we possibly could in the time we had which included all the details, candids and impromtue portraits we could manage.

The Ceremony took place at St. Augustines Church in Fulham Palace Road which was just a 5 minute walk from the hotel so we decided to leave the car in the safety of the underground car park and hot footed it across the one-way system to the ceremony venue.

After a few guest arrivals shots, the grooms party arrived and after a few hugs and best wishes from some guests who had already arrived, Aidan, his brother and Best Man Kieran and dad made their way into the church to await the arrival of the bride.

As usually happens at this point, we touched base with the priest who was to officiate over the marriage ceremony, Father Barry Clifford who rather nicely informed us that as long as we didn’t make a nuisance of ourselves, we were welcome to photograph whatever we liked.

And so we did. Once Sofia, her mother Ofelia and her bridesmaids had made their grand entrance we set about capturing the ceremony as best we could. Not all members of the clergy are as liberal as Father Clifford but when we’re able to it’s nice to be able to capture the expressions of the couple as they make their vows.

After a brief mass and a few shots outside the church, including a big group shot where we just about managed to squeeze everyone into a corner , we made our way to the reception venue – The Rutland Arms in Hammersmith which is on the banks of the River Thames near Hammersmith Bridge. With great views over the River, this is the place to sit outside on a warm Summer evening and just watch the world go by.

The wind had really decided to make the most of it that afternoon and it soon became clear that any further group shots would have to be taken in the function room upstairs while the preparations were going ahead, so after some fun family and friend shots we managed to abscond with the happy couple along the river a little to Furnival Gardens

As I mentioned before, the afternoon had turned decidedly breezy but the windswept look of bride and groom looked very romantic and we’re happy to say that the only thing that suffered the elements was out umbrella which decided that enough was enough just as we were about to finish our session. Yay!

Back at The Rutland, the party was in full swing and a combination of DJ and live music kept the party swinging right into the evening.

After the cutting of the cake, which Sofia had made herself the bride and groom took to the floor for their first dance – ‘Mi Amor Eres Tu’ – ‘You are my love’ by Silvestre Dangond which was slow moving and beautifully romantic song.

Party atmosphere was amazing not least due to both the brilliant live Colombian Band but also to Mike Quinn of Nightlife disco who really got the crowds up dancing away all night.

Once we made certain that we had everything we needed, we left the part happy but very exhausted.

This was certainly an amazing wedding for photography, particularly of people. The cosy venue upstairs at The Rutland made for an amazing atmosphere and the number of fantastic shots we got demonstrate the love that was all around for Sofia and Aidan.

We wish them all the very best for their future together.

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Kim and Rory’s Wedding Day finally arrived and all the meticulous planning that had gone on in the previous months was finally paying off.

Despite the fact that they both have very busy lives, they had managed to stay sane whilst planning a Wedding, changing jobs, which meant house hunting and re-location to another country!

Planning a Wedding can be stressful at the best of times with the help of family and friends, they made it to the morning of the Big Day.

We caught up with Rory at the traditional Pub and Hotel, The Brewers Inn in Wandsworth where Bride and Groom plus Best Man and immediate family stayed over the night before the Wedding as it had easy access to The Wetland Centre in Barnes, West London, their chosen Wedding Venue.

Rory and Paul sat quietly sipping a G&T, while they discussed speeches, cleaned swords and shoes and answered last minute phone calls as we set about capturing a few images of them both in the process.

Paul was wearing an officer’s (Captain’s) uniform and carried the Groom’s sword, which is a 1912 Pattern Cavalry Officer’s.
On the front of the bowl guard, the sword has an engraved floral pattern, mimicking the honeysuckle pattern, which was common on officer’s swords throughout the 19th Century. It was really interesting to hear all about the details which were so integral to the Wedding Day whilst we worked.

On our way upstairs to join Kim for the final stages of her bridal preparation ( or ‘Bride @ Home’ as we like to call it ), we bumped into Rory’s Mum who was trying to ulock a door while carrying a bunch of swords. Amazing! 😀

Arriving at the correct door (always very important as people may get alarmed and think you are the Paparazzi) we proceeded to tap gently on the door, we were greeted by one of the Bridesmaids who led us into what can only be described as wonderfully organized chaos!  Kim was having her hair and make-up finalised and she looked every bit the radiant Bride as she sat patiently in front of the mirror.

It’s amazing how stunning all Brides look on their Wedding Day, the happiness shines through!

Remaining calm and unobtrusive is crucial for a Wedding Photographer in order to capture the details and all the precious moments leading up to the Bride being ready and we think we manage this rather well, tip-toeing in between the nik-naks that are part of the important process of looking fab.

We went about our business capturing all the precious details of the dress, shoes, jewellery and all the other ‘must-haves’.

Kim looked absolutely gorgeous in her original Vintage Wedding dress which was bought from Elizabeth Avey in London.

Elizabeth, who travels far and wide to source her pieces, told her that the dress was from California and was made in the 1950’s.

Finally with the help of her two Bridesmaids she slipped into her wedding shoes from UK Designer Rachel Simpson.

Now it was time to have a peep in the mirror and it was clear she was exceptionally happy with her Wedding look. This is usually the point where Brides start to feel a little more than nervous but Kim seemed very relaxed and happy and so we set about capturing the last shots, which included some of her Dad and herself.

It was time for us to say goodbye for a short while and make a speedy dash to our car and then on to Barnes.

Even although the traffic was exceptionally busy we made it before Kim’s arrival and managed to get some lovely shots of her getting out of the car. It was a beautiful Sunny afternoon and Elizabeth, a talented coordinator at the venue was there to meet Kim and usher her into the area to meet up with the Wedding Registrars for her interview.

The location is truly a breath of fresh air in London. The Wetland Centre conserves wetlands for wildlife and people and many wetlands are highly productive and support many different species of animals, insects, bird and plants species. It is such a peaceful setting with lots of bird singing and sweet meadow smells which makes it the perfect spot for a relaxed Summer Wedding.

Guests began arriving quite quickly and soon Kim was waiting at the entrance of the Observatory where the Ceremony was taking place to greet her handsome Groom.

The music played by a harpist began and Kim made her way to Rory and the two lady Registrars, both of which assured us that they would impose no draconian restrictions on our photography, which kind of helps us to provide the bride and groom with lovely images of the focal point of their day.

He looked so happy when he glimpsed his stunning Bride and it was clear from the looks on both of their faces that they were meant to be together. Soon the legal joining of two people was in full swing and as families and guests looked on as the Bride and Groom pleged their vows in an emotional ceremony. Amidst all the clapping and cheering Kim and Rory lead the guests out of the Observatory and into the sunshine together for the first time as Man and Wife.

Everyone then made their way to where the drinks reception which being held which was outdoors and just a short pleasant walk away over a little wooden bridge to Wetland Living, a charming little timber-framed building which housed their champagne reception. Surrounded by wetland flowers and grasses, this quaint little venue with white washed walls, complete with thatched roof served as a welcome in the shade for those who wished to escape the sun for a while.

Very soon, it was time for the Guard of Honour which had been arranged to welcome Rory & Kim to the reception and it was such a pretty picture to see the newly weds walk along the bridge to be guarded through to their waiting guests.

After some small family group photographs the guests were left to make their way back to The Water’s Edge Room for the Wedding Breakfast, meanwhile the Bride and Groom escaped with us for photographs of just the two of them.

It was a very bright but perfect afternoon and being careful not to annoy the swans sitting on the path, we stopped at various places to record the day. Looking blissfully happy Rory and Kim walked hand in hand and stole many more kisses than they were supposed to for the shots.

Once back at the Water’s Edge, Bride and Groom were announced and a thunderous roar of clapping ensued. Speeches were before dinner but everyone enjoyed the background stories. Cutting of the cake was an unusual three tier of cheese, which was to be enjoyed later in the evening with port and other accompaniments at the late buffet.

Soon afer the meal, it was time for the Band to set up whilst the Ceili teacher ran through some moves of the dances for which Kim wore an appropriate family tartan sash which looked amazing. Soon everything was set and the first dancers Rory and Kim and family lined up in a pair of lines opposite each other. The music began and the dancing commenced to the instructions of the caller.

There was much hilarity but all were sprightly on their feet and soon flying hair with feet barely touching the ground was the order of the day. Some were no doubt making it up as they went along, shuffling this way and that to the confusion of the others but it was all in good fun and everyone had a great time. In fact, towards the end of the night we were asked to get up and join them It was very hard work especially as we had been on our feet for hours but a dance and a glass of wine seemed like the perfect way to end such a fantastic Wedding Day.

We wish Rory and Kim a long and happy marriage and may their lives be as rich as their love for each other.

A few weeks ago we met up with Kim & Rory for their Engagement Shoot on The South Bank in London.

The weather forecast was distinctly shaky, but as Kim and Rory are currently super-busy, not only with respect to the Wedding preparations but also a fairly significant relocation, we decided to take the opportunity and trust to luck, and as luck would have it, it all went amazing well.

Sure, there was the small matter of the deluge not even an hour into the shoot but we took refuge in Zen Coffee and waited it out until the rain subsided and thereafter is was non-stop all the way to Vauxhall.

We have so much love and respect for these guys because we really put them through the mill, but we certainly hope the end result was well worth the blisters and exhaustion.

Kim and Rory will be getting married at The London Wetland Centre in Barnes very soon and of course we’ll be making a feature here of their day as soon as we can. It’s going to be a lot of fun and as we’re familiar with their venue, we’ll have lots of cool ideas.

Keep watching.